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On May 1,2009 Our home phone quit working, it just kept ringing busy. My wife called Verizon and was told by the customer service rep.

to open the box on the side of the house, then plug in a phone that we knew was good, if this phone did the same thing she was told this meant that the trouble was on Verizons lines not our home lines. I did exactly what she was told and the line rang busy immediatly. My wife called Verizon back and was told that they couldn't get anyone to fix it until Wednesday, my wife explained that she has amedical condition and we could not go that long without a phone, she was told a service man would be out, she inquired as to how much this would cost and as told since it was on their lines there would be no fees. The serviceman showed up and opened the box on the side of the house he was there about 1 minute closed things up and came and told my wife the problem was with our house lines and that he would be charging us $95.00 for the service call.

My wife told him she was told that there would be no charges and he proceeded to tell her that it was company policy to charge everyone $95.00 if they showed up at your house. I was sleeping after working a twelve hour midnight shift, my oldest daughter came and woke me up so I could talk to him.

He basically told me that he was with Verizon for 38 years and this had been the policy from day one and that I didn't know what I was talking about when I told him that the problem was with their lines. I told him that I had been with Verizon for 32 years and On Monday I would be calling Verizon to have their garbage removed from the side of my house and that I would switch to a wireless service before I would stay with a company that treats its customers like ***!!!!!!!

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