I was very happy with Verizon until I moved to a different apartment in the same apartment complex. I have Verizon wireless, fios & internet, and it was all on one bill.

About 2 months after I moved my cell phone was shut off due to non-payment of my bill. I had been paying the bill Verizon sent but I did not realize they had taken my wireless off because they were charging me about the same amount of money. When I asked about this they explained that because I moved my internet & fios was more money. I asked where they had been sending my wireless bill and they didn't have an answer.

My internet never worked in my new apartment. I spent hours & hours on the phone with Verizon trying to get it fixed but they could not figure out why it wasn't working so I cancelled it. They sent me a bill for $250 and I spent another 4 hours on the phone with them, getting transferred to person after person with no resolution. I finally just paid the bill because it wasn't worth the time & stress they were giving me.

Like an *** I bought a Notebook from them & signed up for broadband service, when will I ever learn! They told me if I had any problems with it just bring it back to the store & they would help me. About 1 month after I got the Notebook half the screen turned pink. I just spent over 45 minutes waiting in the line at Verizon only to be told they could not help me, I needed to go to Gateway and get it fixed under the warranty.

I didn't buy it from Gateway but I tried to get them to help me & they told me I would have to pay to get it fixed there because I had bought it from the Verizon store!!! I give up & I'm never buying from Verizon again.

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