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September Verizon cell phone service &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; data had me black listed and on Dark Web exposure. Not only that, double dipping and allowing others to skim my bank account due to their GREED?!??

Verizon also tried to charge fake charges to line their pocket books when I went thru Fair Shake. I refused the offers because they would not tell the truth that I made an auto payment after I changed providers giving Verizon a 3 month chance with 5 phone none were anything but a phone and text message only phone calls paying over $2,800.00 this last year, of 8 years with Verizon. I did not miss a payment and bill was always auto paid. But I was not allowed to get my Verizon cloud images nor would they let me port out FOR 1 month.

Verizon charged a few cents from $200 for the struggle because they didnt want me to port out just gouge a long time customer.

The heading line 3 trips to different corporate stores to drop off the port out phone in question with in the 14days. (had to make appointment at corporate stores) 1st time I went I talked to MGR and told him I was angry because not phone data or service is horrible and my business is down until it is fixed. I asked if I could try to get a business account he said no and all the employees were tucked away. I felt treated as why did you come in you are less than a person.

2nd corporate store you are not our customer! 3rd time a Care CSR talked to me a bunch of pipe dream to try to get me back and get a new phone from Appointment. Arlington Verizon corporate store my appointment was at 11am. I stayed in my car until the time they came and got me.

I sat down to give the phone back that was told to me was not late because I talked to the care CSR (customer service rep) but a lie I found out after I was verified that the Care CSR did not make any notes ...just the appointment no notes that the third attempt to drop their phone off at a corporate store. I was at my appointment time at the 3rd corporate store. When I went in they checked my account & said the phone was late & I am not a Verizon customer... I fumed-out & called on all 3 of my phones to Verizon trying to get thru the 2 hour wait because this was only 4 minutes into the appointment time.

When I got a Verizon CSR she told me to stay right there because I was still with in my appointment time. I stepped out of the car to fix my jeans to slide back in but the Security Guard told me he was going to call the police on me I was half way back in and by then I was crying because I did nothing I didnt threaten anyone I final got a label sent to my email and had to try to retrieve it another way because Verizon was still making technical difficulties for all 3 of my phones!

Im so glad I have the new provider that I get right on the phone and fix things and experiment to make things work like they are supposed to be in the first place.

I spent an average of 8 hours a day for 3 months trying to read my emails (that didnt happen until month 4) send quotes, or just get emails from my customers. Seems easy enough but that is why I am a p Consumer I had nothing except when I was on tech coach only then did I have phone and data service.

This kind of do se do is inexcusable.

In total with all the technical difficulties I had just trying to use my phone with Verizon was 4 months! 3 months trying different phones and ONE long month to until the 1st offer from Fair Shake about Verizon (said I didnt pay $345 and $199+ that is ridicules when auto paid) that day I successfully moved my number to new provider.

Only thing just like it took 1 month to get the first number I ported to straighten out, now the second number is with-in the writing of this consumer report THE PORT IN NUMBER IS NOT WORKING-thanks Verizon! On top of the double dipping Verizon now has aol and yahoo in there hip pocket! 8am Sunday (how I found out about the double dipping in accounts that were not the master account on their account.) I was called with 4 skimmers on my debit card after Verizon helped their selves to my money after the auto payment, I wasnt too shocked to see that Yahoo accounts were hacked. Funny thing is I knew about the scams phishing & spoofs of fake emails but I thought if you sign up you are covered but NO ANOTHER ISSUE BUT STILL ROOTED DEEP IN VERIZON.

I signed my company name up on a new yahoo account security (a joke) around Christmas well I called in to inquire about the business email WHICH THEY CAN NOT FIND IN THIER RECORDS! Unbelievable, but true! I can not shut down a email address they can not find! WoW my business email has been overtaken by the security side of yahoo!

WoW owned by Verizon! Verizon owns Aol too.

I think since Verizon is So Humongous big they dont care about anyone.

So I feel the world needs to see just 1 time how a women owned Busines is treated by Big Tech! I am a pissed consumer because this could have gone nice but they became so nasty. Now, I dont want anything to do with Verizon

On top of being a business owner Im also a student!

Big tech should not deny SERVICE TO HIGH DOLLAR service paid BY CUSTOMER for shame on Verizon! I call this theft of service for 4 months!

User's recommendation: Go to The other guys are better and thank you too!

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: 1i want my pictures not the ones Verizon sinked with google (all pixilated) I want Verizon then to leave my phone numbers (not radio frequency to keep me) alone let me delete my accounts! They lie .

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