Things that Verizon don't want you to know about!


Don't be fooled! Verizon overcharges minorities and senior citizens for all sort of reasons, because they know they are not able to defend themselves! Verizon knows that you might not know the laws and regulations (FCC) and therefore they overcharge you with all sort of UNREAL FEES and services!

They know you will not object to it, and if you do, it requires complete knowledge of their long contract and complex services beside wasting hours over the phone to dispute such charges. THEN, if you do, with a simple apology, they will try to "work it out" with you, forcing you to agree to some of those outrageous charges in order to continue your service!

DON"T BE FOOLED ANYMORE! HAVE COURAGE! Freedom at last! There are lots of competitors, especially the NO CONTRACT phone companies! GET FREE FROM THEIR NEST OF ***! LIVE FREE FROM HASSLE! SAY GOODBYE TO VERIZON!

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i switched to at&t...i'm much happier!! better service, better coverage, faster i-net speed, better options, and an I-phone that's NOT a joke like verizons version....


in response to employee that said contract is one page... is it page 27 in the iPhone promotion catalog, where it says this is your only contract, any other written or spoken policies by customer service or sales representative will not be binding??

I don't have the book in front of me but that "phraseology" is written somewhere in fine print. back of catalogue, 3/4 down the page

No Tea Party

It depends upon what you mean by minority. Is this specific to low to mid income (in comparison to the $250K+ crowd)?

In response to 'Employee'. I read the contract twice & printed everything out (including chat). This includes the 2008 incident, which I canceled immediately. The first incident this year, I hope is remedied. The other received this week, is a definite overcharge of service. Maybe I will call customer service. Maybe I will write another letter to Seidenberg/Bones.

Verizon is an unregulated monopoly. Like you said, VZ has attorneys waiting for individual lawsuits.


Get real. Everything is in a CONTRACT that you signed.

If you can't or won't read your contract before you sign it, then it's your fault. Verizon has tons of lawyers to PROTECT it's costumers. Absolutely nothing is hidden, you just don't pay attention and then want to blame Verizon. It's a for profit business, but every charge is laid out for you, not in small print, but highlighted and bolded for you.

They even send you a confirmation letter asking if you agree. How is that discriminating?

Educate yourself, don't blame. Ps, the contract is ONE page!


Ditto to dempa. And couldn't that be considered libel or something? I mean, if people took everything they read on these websites for fact?


That's one *** of a claim to make without bringing about any evidence. I'm not saying that what you claim is ludicrous, it's just that you have nothing to show why you're right.

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