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Things I have learned about Verizon after 10 days trying to upgrade and add lines to our plan (yes, trying to give them more money):

- Sales people lie and tell you that you can have promotions you are not actually eligible for.

- No one can ever, ever tell you what your new bill will be.

- You can receive many, many estimates of next months bill in a week, and none of them are the same and none of them are correct.

- Every change requires 24 hours (or until midnight) to actually take effect. (Apparently that's why no one can tell you what your bill will be.) That means no one can ever fully solve your problems or answer your questions in one support session.

- Everyone at Verizon says to log in to the app because you can see and do everything there.

That is a lie. The app is limited.

- If you try to do anything, they send a verification code. But no matter how many changes you need to make, you get locked out after three codes are sent. And they are time sensitive, so if they send it to the wrong person on the account and you don't get it soon enough, you will get locked out.

For 24 hours. So you can start the process over the next day (and then wait another 24 hours to find out if anything worked).

- The account is different from the plan, which is different from the bill.

- Only an account owner (not a manager) can make some changes to a plan. It is possible to have a 20-year-long account with Verizon and not have an account owner.

- Not having an owner on the account apparently creates an error message when someone at Verizon tries to make a change, but not a helpful error that tells what the problem is. So after hours of trying, nothing can be done.

- Sales people say they will make notes in your account but don't always do it.

- They have separate systems that don't communicate with each other.

Sales is different from support, and phone is different from chat. And the app is different from everything else. Everywhere you look you can get (or not get) different information.

- People at a corporate Verizon store can refuse to help you, even if someone on the phone from support can explain directly to them what the problem is and what needs to be done. What is their goal if not to help you?

- Sometimes when there is a problem, the support person blames it on the sim card, but later you can get that same sim card to work.

- You can receive 5 or more sim cards in a week, at different addresses, ordered by different support people.

- The promotions they advertise are meant to lure you, not to actually help you. They have obscure fine print, and no one seems to know all the rules. Sometimes support people can't even find certain available promotions.

Sometimes promotions require difficult online applications and take months to come through.

- You can have autopay set up but still get a message saying you can get a discount if you will only set up autopay. After a week of this nonsense with no one able to explain it, you might be lucky enough to find out that the problem was that autopay needs to be a bank transfer instead of a credit card.

- You can spend hours and hours and hours on the phone and online chat and in Verizon stores and not have your questions answered or problems solved.

- Once in a great while you get a nice person on the phone who actually cares.

Preferred solution: Fix issues and improve customer service.

Verizon Pros: Only one - good coverage.

Verizon Cons: Terrible customer service.

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