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Verizon Wireless Exchanged a defective I-phone 5. I returned the original phone immediately, but Verizon claimed the phone I returned to them was a "charger." Someone in their warehouse made a "mistake." They are billing me $700.00 for it because they will not admit their warehouse is a disaster and someone probably pocketed the phone.

I called them a dozen times and they will not remove the charge. There was no way I could protect myself from this abuse. Forty years of doing business with them and they accuse a 66 year old dentist of stealing the phone.

I will never pay! I am considering Small Claims Court.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I am now going through the same thing. We sent back a phone because it quit working, they sent a replacement one.

Now they are saying the phone we sent has a crack and that is not covered and we have to pay 299.00 for the replacement phone. I told them that I was not paying that, there were no defects when we sent this phone in other than it quit working and to send my phone back. They said no they could not do that.

The only way not to be charged the 299.00 was to send the replacement back.

So that leaves us with no phone at all.

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