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my verizon nightmare

I recently moved called verizon to transfer my service. Got the service on my new apartment. Internet wasn't working, called verizon, took off work and they went to the old apartment.

Had to call back to make another appointment for repair. Guess what,they never transfer my service. Instead, I had 2 accounts. Had to called every day for a week.

Finally, got the problem solved after almost a month. Now my monthly payment is more, and I just moved 3 blocks away.

Their customer service representatives really suuuucks. They need to provide better service. They need training...

pissed off (queens)

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Saint Anthony, Idaho, United States #15223

My phone and DSL service were disconnected without a warning letter about non-payment (had automatic payment, but they stop taking the money for whatever reason).

After paying the balance off, I’ve learned that I had to order the service from the beginning, paying installation charges, even though everything was in place.

Then my phone number was changed. It took almost 3 days calling every day to get that straightened away.

After 3 days of promising that the DSL could be restored on my old number, I was told that I had to cancel it first, which takes 24 hours (although was promised that it would be done the same day) and then order it again.

This nightmare is going on for 12 days so far and no DSL in sight.

The whole mess could have been avoided by simply sending me a warning letter.

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