Mckeesport, Pennsylvania
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A telephone pole was hit by a vehicle and damaged by my home on 9/22. We lost power for approximately 4 hrs.

Once the power was restored we noticed that we had no phone/internet/ or cable. My husband reset the box thinking this would solve the issue but it still did not work. We contacted Verizon that evening and the customer service rep instructed us to reset the box which we had already done. We informed him that a pole was hit and felt that this was most likely the issue, but we reset the box again like he instructed us to.

After several failed attempts to send signals and resetting the system the rep said that he would send a tech out Monday the 23rd to look at the issue. I left work early on Monday to meet the tech, which never showed. I received a phone call from a tech named Robert that stated I cant do anything because your house is behind the damaged pole which they were fixing at the time. I informed Robert that I lived a block away and I was not the house behind the pole.

Robert then said "Well I could look at the pole in front of your house but I don't think that is the issue. Once they repair the damaged pole if you still don't have service give Verizon a call back". The pole was replaced, up and running later that day, still no service. We called Verizon for the 2nd time.

This time the rep that we spoke to stated that he was sending a tech out that evening to address the issue, great! We waited and waited. At 8pm we called again and spoke to a different rep who stated that no one is working at that hr and he wasn't sure why we were told someone would be out. We also found out that the previous rep that told us he was sending someone out scheduled a tech to come out Wednesday not that evening.

We had the appointment moved to the next day which was Tuesday the 24th with a window between 3 and 5p. I work till about 2:30p M-F so this appointment time would work. Shortly after that same evening I receive a call from an automated service stating that a tech would arrive Tuesday between 2p and 4p, which was not the time the rep told us. Tuesday the 24th comes along, I leave work early for a second time to meet a tech that never shows, never calls, and closes out my ticket reporting that the issue was resolved.

We STILL had no service. I called again and spoke to a woman who had stated that there was an outage in my area and that Verizon was addressing this issue. She was unable to give me a reason as to why no one showed or even called to say they weren't coming out. She assured me that this issue would be fixed on Wednesday by 3am.

Wednesday comes along and there was still no service. I called the automated service which informed me that the issue was now pushed back to 6pm Wednesday. I spoke to another rep and expressed my frustration with the situation, he apologized and REASSURED me that my service would be fixed by 6pm on Wednesday the 25th. Later in the afternoon I receive a call from Verizon's Cooperate office In New York and spoke to a woman named Amy.

She had informed me that she had received my complaint and that they were diligently working on the issue to have service restored. That evening at 6pm no service. We called Verizon AGAIN the rep that we spoke to informed us that techs were working on the lines (mind you there was no one single Verizon truck around) and assured my husband that service would be restored at 7pm that evening. Guess what it wasn't.

I called received the automated service again and it now informed me that service will be running by 10am Thursday the 26th. I have never experienced such incompetence, poor customer service and just a total disregarded of my time. I work from home on some days, my husband is completing school online, we have no security system running, no cable or internet. This is totally uncalled for.

Please be warned get Comcast or Dish, Verizon Fios is the absolute worst and I am cancelling service with them as soon as I can. I've also reported them to the FCC, PUC, and the BBB.

Verizon Cons: Lack of accountability, Incompetent customer service, Lying about time frame of when the issue was to be resolved, Not showing for appointment and then never calling.

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