Service tech apparently decided to do work on the box located right outside my front yard.The tech left the property without returning the box to its original state.

All of the wires, components and the green cover was left on my lawn. I get home from work and find the police, fire truck and several parents complaining that a child in this newly built community had to have minor medical treatment because he accidentally slipped in the hole. Why did they leave without putting the parts back and covering the hole. No caution tape or orange cone so that people kow not to walk on that side of street.

Police officer created the report.... I decided to call Verizon even though I cancelled my Verizon service and went with another provider to inform them of what was happening and that they need to sent someone out to fix the problem. After being on hold for about 45 minutes and passed around to several people, I finally get this person who was very rude and stated "they shouldn't have been playing near the hole regardless" I told her I wasn't home but the box is connected between my and my neighbors yard and somebody needs to come out. I was told they would send someone out but they don't know when.

I asked for a mgr and was told they are all gone home, try calling them tomorrow. Now, the HOA has been involved and parent wants to sue as she received rude treatment while trying to get them to come out and fix the problem. The HOA are now going to issue a newsletter regarding the incident and post it on our community website. This community has 215 lots of which 117 are sold.

How many customers do you think will be switching to another provider? How many new owners will contact the competitor based on the negative service we received.

Verizon is not customer service friendly!Again, I don't have Verizon and now I would never think of switching back to them as long as I have a choice!

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