Pissed the cell has no service in this area that one may have to ride down the road to get someone.Not good when your employers can't reach you.So, I decided to get a phone, needing one in case we have an emergency.Thought I would put it in the Horse barn.Th Verizon said we can give you high speed internet.I said, I was doubtful,as I had ckd on it through their on line services.Verizon said no problem.I spent 6+ hours on the land lord's phone trying to see when these folks would be out.One told me they were laying a line for the DSL, the other said I had service, only to find out I did not,and had been given someone else's phone number.I waited 3 days from work 8-5 no one showed up.Some stating I had to be here some saying I didn't/Well, I wasn't leaving my place open.Finally after 10 days and repeated calling, the sevice man came out and managed to get a dial tone for just the apt.Just so much ***. I told Verizon they couldn't get DSL here.They need to get their info together.The service man told me they are really bad on that.I think Verizon should pay my cell bill since they couldn't seem to get the job done in a timely matter. On a good note, I was able to buy a card for my lap top,and hook up to the landlord's network.Mere 16.00 for the card.That was simple.I had to go through all this automated stuff to get a live agent.Verizon is terrible.I have all the documention on everyone I spoke with.Only two folks in the end were ok,and got this thing rolling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Cell Phone Upgrade.

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