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-Oct 6th

Went to AT&T and Verizon to compare what service would benefit my wife and I as a family. AT&T was very honest about the bill showing us that we would definitely benefit from switching over to Verizon. We proceeded to the Corporate Verizon store at Valley River Center to pay off all phones and plans and switch over fully to Verizon where they Sold us two Iphones taking me of my family share plan unknowingly switching us over to the Unlimited plan which isn’t truly unlimited and charges much more for the plan.

Since we switched over we have experienced data pauses and lags as if running on 1x and 2g speeds, we called corporate and they said the answer was switching up to the unlimited plus plan because possibly we were going over our data, That ended up not being the case and were still having issues with service. Meanwhile My wife’s phone started showing issues with the microphone and we thought it was related to the network issues we have been having with the phones.

-Got Apple Watch Nov 19th

Watched worked great but the screen protector was dirty when we opened the package.

-Cottage Grove Verizon & Valley River Verizon Nov 23rd

We took a trip to Cottage Grove Verizon spending about an hour there showing them the issues we were having, they ended up telling us that the microphone was indeed bad in my wife’s phone and to take it back to Valley River Verizon to get a brand new replacement phone, They wouldn’t give us a new phone but had a refurbished phone sent to us which is ending up having issues in itself, “constantly going to the lock screen” at least the microphone works. Two Satellite Verizon Stores we’ve been to told us that they would have given us new phones of the shelf. The Corporate Verizon “Valley River” told us that if we break the screen protector while transplanting it over to the refurbished phone that we could file for a warranty on a new screen protector, found out that was a lie. And haven’t been able to pair the Apple watch to it correctly, Going to make a trip to the apple store next.

-Switched to family share plan Nov 27th

Found out that the Family share plan still exists and switched back over to that, seems to be working better so far and is looking more like the bill should be looking.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Unlimited Plus Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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My landline via AT&T works just fine and my old flip-top cell phone is also working well even after all the years I've had it. Simpler is always better.

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