Went to Verison store to pay my bill and get a texting problem resolved. I couldn't send text to my wife's phone, but everyone else worked.

The customer rep sent a text to me and I replied with no problem, then I showed her that my wife was not receiving any texts from me although I could recieve them from her.

They told me I had to call tech support.... of course in order to do so, you shouldn't call for support on the same phone you're having trouble with. Did they call tech support for me or at the minimum, allow me to use a phone to do so?

NOPE. They basically kicked me out of their store saying I had to call tech support.... what a bunch of morons... I'm so glad I actually took the time to drive there to get the problem solved... not!

It's obvious that the stores have NOTHING to do with "customer service" because they're only interested in either collecting your money or selling you something new.

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