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6230 Paseo Del Norte NE Albuquerque, NM, 87113 Rude and offensive experience. An Orwellian police state.

The behavior of the service representatives.1) It is disrespectful and offensive to interrupt customers having a product related discussion. If someone says they need a momenent then respect it. There are fine lines between courteous attentiveness, assertiveness, and obnoxious passive-agressiveness. The team at the Paseo store needs immediate awareness re-training to understand that incoming customers control all choices in the transaction and should be respected as they make their decisions.2) I have nothing against smokers. If you choose to smoke on your own time and then place your face within 18 inches of a customer and begin an extended one-way sales solo then at least be aware of the potential to offend. Personal hygene is fundamental for customer facing employees.3) The high pressure upsell: Over priced, over packaged, low quality accessories, a lack of explaination of their full cost, lack of empathy for questions that customers have about “the plan” together make this location a boiler room retail hell-hole. The lack of customer listening skills and the inability or unwillingness to explain the obvious details of the transaction come across as borderline deceptive.4) The *** security guard: A customer that chooses to exit a store at any time for any reason should be allowed physical access to the front door. The practice of intercepting outgoing customers(walking between them and the front door) under the passive-aggressive ruse of intimidation is offensive. Detain criminals by all means. The rest of us expect courtesy.

The store itself:

1)Bright lighting straight into the eye prohibits reading of accessory packaging without using one hand as a shield. It also physically heats the customer, and makes the air offensively stale.

2)The music played in the store interferes with casual discussion and evaluation of the products you have on display.The overall environment in this particular store is accutely offensive and I highly recommend that a member of senior leadership observe this location from the perspective of the customer. I would never go back regardless of what changes I have to make. I see a very bright future for online cell phone sales. They’re great products and Verizon itself provides great service. It’s difficult to understand the service gap at this retail location. Please consider modifications at this location that would make a more pleasant customer experience.

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