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I was interested in getting Fios service when it cam available to my area. When it did, Verizon came and installed the box in the ground by my telephone box. But in doing so they tore up a portion of my grass.

There is no other person on my block that has happened to.

I've called numerous times to the number I was given by a representive (888-553-1555), which belongs to Technical Support for Fios. Every time I've called I was told someone will call you in 48 hours. I was given a ticket number the first time I called.

Then I was given a second ticket number the second time I called and was advised that I should refer to this ticket number instead of the first one. I have yet to receive a call from a Verizon employee regarding this issue.

As far as I know no one has even stopped by 9as I was told someone would) to investigate what the problem was. They also keep saying after I refer to the ticket number that it has to be put back on the list. My question is why was it removed from the list in the first place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Technical Support.

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here is a letter i am sending Verizon..lets se the response time.....

"description of Verizon subcontractor worker: Ht= 5'8"........caucasian ...Skinny...Head shaved with tattoo on side of head.

approx location: 1387 & 1385 Brookside ave. (Southern )California(South / West side of building)

I live in another building/ beyond the actual worksite where your Verizon worker( subcontractor) was conducting work for your new FiOS subscriber.

Last week , when I was in my kitchen I overheard & saw (through my kitchen window) a verizon subcontractor emotionally upset about how much money he was losing on this new Verizon Fios installation.

This worker seemed upset with his Verizon job about how cheap the job prices are and how he was losing money on this job. He also was upset that the New FIOS subscriber was not home in order " to help " with finishing the job. This Worker stated " I am not coming back to this location" !

This makes me think that Verizon has either a terrible contract with their workers or Verizon hires ignorant and rude technicians.

I am not an expert on these previous topics ; but it would seem to me that if they (VERIZON) are experts in the communication industry , that they would CALL (By Cell phone) their new customers to make sure that they were home before they start their installation. Additionally, if I owned that building; I would be unhappy about the physical constructial damages this Verizon Subcontractor started.. Most of the Fiber wire is exposed / floating / unprotected / easy to access for children. For 7- 9 days; the many new holes verizon drilled seem to still be open & a pathway for​ foreign debris or seasonal elements.

I provided/ attached pictures sent from my neighbor that shows the detail of this workers work failure. (we are just tenants that have pride about of living space!)


Fios tech support system needs an over haul!!! I've been calling tech support since Jan.15 nth to report damage done to my property.

The install tech put the wiring into a hook of sorts that attached to a direct piece of my siding. I'm guessing that when he attached this hook the wiring was still to low, so Genius put a tie wrap around my downspout/gutter to lift the wires. When Hurricane Sandy came though, that piece of siding that housed the HOOK went! The tie that was wrapped around my downspout/gutter was now left hanging to the right of my property which looked like the letter V...I started calling tech support in January.

People lost a lot more than what I had going on.

To this day I have not spoken to anyone that can officially help me. After my contract is up, I will be going else where!!!!


Plain and simple Verizon service is an oxymoron-they provide ZERO service, just automated attendants that runs in circles until you just give up in disgust.

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