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spoke with 5 dif people. they tried to blame ic sytems (debt collector) who said they would not collect on debt cause bill didnt have a ssn attached to it.

verizon submitted a bill of 853 on my credit report when my ssn was not even associated with this bill. they refuse give me an acct number or any info on acct since im saying not mine, but they want me to pay for it. went as far as to tell me to find person who debt belonged to for a letter absorbing the bill... told them i wont do there job for them.

bill is not mine and they have no proof bill is mine. they said it was me who had to prove bill was not mine. they did not have to prove bill was mine. waiting on 4 supervisor calls still.

phone convo: me: so lets make this black an white, you have a bill for 853 with my name on it? rep: yes. me: the bill has dif address then mine? rep: yes.

me: the bill does not have a ssn on it? rep: thats correct. me: so who was it that reported bill to agency, if no ssn was attached? rep: well, there is no reason for me to know that.

me: how is it legal to report debt without having a ssn to link to it? rep: sir, if you just find the existing debt holder since not you then you could easily write a letter to us as proof.

me: so i have to do your job for you with the 6000 other people in country with same name as me, hoping someone will take responsibility for debt. rep.: sir we dont want you to do our job , just easiest way to get the debt cleared from your name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: fix my credit.

Verizon Cons: Incompetent customer service.

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To clearify alittle, the bill posted on my credit does not belong to me. When i contacted verizon they instructed me to find the other person whos bill it was and have them write a letter taking the debt away from me.

This is not a real option and should not even be discussed. There next option in fraud department said to find a utility bill from 8 years ago showing i did not live there. That option is impossible, i called national grid and they had my information showing i lived elsewhere during 11/2009 but since bill is earlier during year of 2009 they will not accept it. Third option is to create police report for fraud, this is reasonable approach however, the bill in question does not have a ssn on it.

Therefor, the only act of fraud commited is by verizon when they sent bill to credit agency with my ssn attached to it. The bill does not have any ssn on it , making it impossible for them to collect on it. They somehow picked my ssn and gave to credit agency...

The debt collector they use told me they could not collect on the debt either because there was not a ssn on the bill and would not pursue collection anymore. There was many different staff reps who said it was wierd that it had no ssn on it.

This is a very sleezy attempt for them to recover money from me. I will not pay debt i do not owe. I have sent email to verizon chief of operations and listed review on BBB. I full demand and expect this to be fixed and removed from my credit...

Final statement to this story, they deserve to be sued after reading many many stories similar to mine of poor reporting of debt to credit agency.

It has to be unlawful for verizon to take a persons ssn and a bill that does not match and submit for collection.

This process seems simple enough and judging by the horror stories, there is no enough training for employees or someone in charge is direction employees to break the law. Either way there has to be accountability.

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