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I have been a customer with Verizon since 2003 and i have had nothing but *** Ihave the galaxy S6 plus now. Before this phone i can't remember what phone i had but that phone would drop calls while i am on it out the blue and would not let me dial out for approx five minutes after that.

Also the phone would just shut off automatically. I called and got tech support from upgrading the software to not setting up my goole account to make sure that the phone would work in it's original form. Still the same problem. I went through 8 replacements before they finally agreed to give me anothe type of phone.

They told me they valued me as a long time customer and wanted to make it right So they gave me the latest phone at the time. So now my parents are on my mom bought a new phone towards the end of Feb and it was working fine. Then end of March she received an meesage to upgrade the software and she did then she was unable to connect to WIFI. We called and went through all of the trouble shoting and they agreed to send out a replacement.

We received the replacement and statrted to use the phone and it worked great. Able to connect to WIFI and everything. The very next day she received the upgrade software and she did. Now she can;t connect to WIFI.

My Dad received the same upgrade software and now he can't connect to WIFI wither. Called Customer Service and explained to them the problem that we just got the phone and now we can't connect. They offered TEch supposrt and i told them my past expierence with the 8 replacements and told them I wanted different phones for them b/c i wasn;t going to go through all the replacements again. Asked for a supv and supposdely a supv got on the phone.

After telling my problems to her she agrred to send me to LG Stylo. this was on Monday April 3rd, I called back on April 4th to get a tracking number and the rep told me the order was placed but had not shipped so their was no tracking number but i should recieve them by Thursday the 5th. Today is April 6th and I called b/c the phones had not ben received. They show no order of the phones and the first rep said she doesn't even show who i spoke to nor anyhting about new phones being sent.

I asked for a supv she then transferred me to a Technical lead. he can only authorize replacements of the same phone after they troubleshoot. I refused to speak with him and asked for an actual supv. He transferred to the Care department where i spoke with a customer service rep.

Sopke with the a rep and asked for her supv. She kept saying that only tech supprt can authoriza a replacement. I asked for her supv again. She said that I need to speak with tech support.

She finally got her supv on the phone and she said that only Tech support can auth it. So she transferred me again to Tech support. Finally got a Woman by the name of Jenny on the phone that was able to help me.

I have never been so dissapointment, pissed and felt under appreciated that my time and money was not important and not appreciated. I am done with Verizon wireless and will elt everyone know of both bad expeirences that I have had!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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