My 80-year-old mother was a Verizon customer who bought a T-Mobile phone and wanted to switch. She ended up in a nursing home and of course didn't know her PIN#.

Eventually her Verizon phone stopped working, and she wanted to use her

T-Mobile never having made the switch with her old phone # and carrying 2 separate accounts. As power of attorney it cost me $33 to fax a copy to Verizon. 10 days for them to acknowledge and post on her account. Once I requested a transfer PIN to give T-Mobile I was refused and told it could only be sent via text or email to her phone.

I didn't have her phone, it was in a nursing home, it didn't work, and I was not allowed in due to COVID-19. They then told me I could put my email address on her account, and it would take 7 days. Come back to the store in 8 days, and they will give me a PIN. 8 days later I arrive, and I'm told it's not enough they still need to send it text.

I was told I needed to travel 25 miles to a corporate store to get a PIN. HEY VERIZON ...

You can make any corporate rules or policies you want, but they don't override state or federal law. Once you acknowledged me as POA you owe me a PIN transfer # if I request one.The worst company to deal with anywhere.

User's recommendation: There are better providers for less money. They are a money machine who could care less about you personalky.

Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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