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We signed on for the one talk app with Verizon wireless and ended up with our customers not being able to reach us. After 60 seconds of silence a recording comes on saying that all circuits are busy and to try again later.

Before this problem we also could not get a second call into the phone. You could be on a business call and lose the call to someone dialing your personal cell number. Now not only did it affect the business number but also the personal number. We can't reach that phone at all.

We immediately regretted buying the one talk app and tried to reverse course but it will be a week before we can even hope to have things back to the old way. You will be bouncing back and forth between Verizon and Verizon wireless which treat each other as another "carrier."

Reason of review: What is the value of your customers not being able to reach you when you rely on the phone to communicate each needed delivery?.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Verizon Cons: We mover aircraft parts for the airlines, Have to move these parts, So if they can not reach us they will have to call someone else, Verizon just might have done my company in.

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Typical. The worst!

@Ronald B Qba

I agree with you. Verizon service and resolution of problems/ issues are more than horrific!!!!

Very sad!! But their corporate executives have job security a paycheck that the amount including stocks that they have they are feeling no Pain frustration or fear with this pandemic!! Fri sure they willl also get their huge bonus payment at the end of the year which essentially comes from all of their customers who they treat so poorly. I switched to ATT and if I were you would do the same.

I’ve had no issues with waiting forever on hold and they are instituting no overage fees not stopping service and also decreasing or waiving payments during this surreal time we are all going through!! Switch providers!!

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According to the Verizon FAQ section, you can make changes to your existing plan. Visit Verizon Change Your Plan page for step-by-step instructions to change your current plan in My Verizon online or the My Verizon app.

You can add more data or increase your voice and messaging allowance. Keep in mind, if you have a plan with unlimited minutes and messages then data is the only allowance you may need to change.

Other plans will display options to change minutes, messages and data allowances. For other questions and complaints, you can contact Verizon customer service by phone at 800-922-0204


One talk has cost us a fortune. It’s junk don’t use it.


My business phone system is a shambles. One talk is clearly a beta test.

Every time they try to correct something—my phone gets shut down for a week. Stay away from this product!!!!


It is a nightmare!!!


One Talk is HORRIBLE just wasted 2 weeks of my time trying to set up. Canceled it today and now my cell phone isn't working

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