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More than once, I've started watching free On Demand movies on Fios and stopped viewing for one reason or another before the film was over. There's a timeout function that kicks you out of the movie after some set amount of time (seems to be about five minutes, I'd guess, though I never timed it), and when you come back to the TV you're looking at a window offering options to "Resume Play" (where you left off when you paused the film) or "Restart," which restarts the film from the beginning.

Some of the free On Demand movie channels disable the fast-forward function so you can't skip over the commercial breaks. You can probably imagine how irritating it is when you press "Resume Play" and, instead of taking you back to where you paused the film, it starts the movie over from the beginning instead, and you can't fast-forward to where you paused the film. This just happened to me again. I had watched half the film at least, and I'm not about to watch the damned thing all over again to get back to where I paused it.

I used to be satisfied with Verizon, but the formerly excellent service seems to be deteriorating. In addition to this infuriating fustercluck, they have some incompetent or lazy person(s) entering the information for the various movie titles, and lately the listing will name only one actor in the cast and repeat the name several times.

The release dates are likewise screwed-up, with erroneous dates being listed that are sometimes 40 or 50 years off. Fios TV really seems to be going to ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: New York, New York

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I agree with you. This is ridiculous!!! We hand over more than $500 a month to Verizon and we still have to deal with this sub standard technology.

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