Here's a short list of what's happened over the last 4 years in my home since installing Verizon services:

1. A Verizon technician wanted to fist fight my disabled Father-in-law. He started threatening to beat him up on our front lawn. I told him to leave our house.

2. A Verizon technician tried to start a fist fight with me in our basement because I asked him a tech question. Then he sat down and started picking up the Verizon girl on the other end of his tech phone conversation. I told him to leave our house.

3. A Verizon technician was working on our services. When he was done, he looked pretty worn out, so we invited him to have dinner with us. He did. After he left, we noticed that he had stolen something from our work desk.

4. We had Verizon's "Executive" Care TV Protection Plan. When our TV crapped out, they replaced it with a smaller and cheaper TV. When I complained, they said, "That's the only TV we're authorized to give you", and then they hung the phone up on me. They replaced a $400 20" TV with a 13" TV from Walmart.

5. A Verizon technician was working on our TV (AGAIN) and while he was here, he asked me to look at some of the installation with him, and as we spoke, the conversation started getting heated because he kept trying to blame ME for the services becoming faulty. As if I have nothing better to do than go around messing with cables in the ceiling.

There's more, but I've decided instead to start a blog that ANYONE can add to where people can list their complaints about Verizon. Because...Verizon SUCKS!

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