I am currently waiting on my FIFTH scheduled tech appointment. No tech showed up for the other four appointments, and I am not having high hopes about this one. Something is always wrong-"dispatch did not get ticket" is the one they are using right now, or "we are experiencing a high column of calls," YES. BECAUSE ALL THE CUSTOMERS YOU WILL NOT SERVICE KEEP CALLING BACK! HOW CAN VERIZON, A GLOBAL COMPANY CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH SUCH HORRIBLE SERVICE!

The last time I checked which was weeks ago, there were 43 pages of complaints against Verizon customer service.

If this were my business I would not be in business.

From what I have read of the complaints-customers are just asking for working services for which they are paying Verizon. My issue has been ongoing since June 8th. Really, there is not a tech available for a home service within 29 days of my first service call.

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