My husband and I had been Verizon customers for 20+ years. We recently decided to switched carriers do to adding more lines and needing to purchase phones.

This is a message I sent the Verizon Cloud For Life Tech Support Jan 15th, 5 days ago without a response. You cant talk to anyone you can only email them. I'm getting frustrated with this. Are you or anyone else in the Verizon Cloud Support Center going to be able to help me.

I have spent hours dealing with this? I tried calling tech support Jan 13th and was on hold for 2 +hrs. I informed the tech that I could no longer wait because I was at work and had a client in front of me. He explained that he worked until 8pm CST and would call me back.

I informed him that I would be available after 6:30pm, so he could call me sometime around 6:30/7:00pm. He stated that he was going to set a reminder to call me back. I didn't receive a call back. This is not the first time that I was promised a call back from a Verizon representative and didn't receive it.

Since December 14th I have been working on getting my 10,800+ pics from the Verizon Cloud that I paid $5.00 a month for years without any help from anyone at Verizon. I get passed around from agent to agent, hung up on, told they are working on it and will call me back without any success. I have spent numerous days on hold for up to 3 hrs. Last week an agent told me that I need to purchase and set up the Verizon cloud for life so I could get my pictures.

Now I'm paying $5 a month again but without any luck of getting my saved pictures. Please help and advice how to get my saved pictures.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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