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Communications company cannot communicate and gives the run around. They never never

follow through with credit promises, over charge and transfer you to the next tech. That is if

they can identify your account without a phone number.

They had taken over my account, transfer from Direct TV. They where the billing agent for

Direct but never turned off Direct TV to my home. Billed me four months for both Direct TV

and Fios full packages. They said I never turned off Direct TV and needed to pay both bills.

How is this when they where the agent that handled the billings for both. Do they not get it. If I

am changing service and they are the agent, would they not turn off one while turning on the

other? Then the run around for weeks, then a promise to discount the bill for three months at

$60.00 per month on a $140.00 bill, that was never followed through on. More calls, more run

around and additional charges. Try turning off your fios... That is a chore in it self. Good luck

Review about: Verizon Tv Service.

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