My nightmare started Dec 4, 2017 when I foolishly decided to switch phone service and I was trusting enough to believe the Verizon salesman in Port Orange, FL that I would get an LG K20 phone for $1 per month promotion if I kept the phone and service for 24 months. The details were that the phone device payments were $8 and Verizon would deduct $7 per month for 24 months until the phone was paid in full.

It is now January 27, 2017. After 3 calls, each taking around an hour and a half, I still have nothing in writing regarding my $7 monthly credit and Verizon keeps telling me my credit will come in a few months after more billing cycles. I understand that Verizon is using my money in the meantime while they decide IF and WHEN to start giving me my $7 credit as was sold to me at the purchase of my phone. My first bill comes and has full $8 charge for my phone, after a 1 1/2 hour call I discovered that there as no deal on my account for a phone at $1 a month as the salesman stated.

Then I was told that the credit would start in a few billing cycles and that to keep my phone on I had to pay the $8. You got me there. Then I received a "deal" from Verizon for cloud storage that I didn't want nor do I think I signed up for. I think it was more like a contract of adhesion where they said here is the cloud storage for $5 a month extra, but you have to let us know to take it off your account.

After over an hour on the phone I was granted a $5 credit for my cloud storage that I didn't want nor request. Really sleazy Verizon and they wasted over an hour of my time. Then I get a text from Verizon ON JAN 27 that my second month bill was due Jan 29 but my billed amount still didn't reflect my Cloud credit of $5 the customer service told me in my first call. Also I have not received neither bill #1 or bill #2 by mail AS requested and as indicated on the Verizon website.

So I called again, and after another hour and a half I was told that the customer service rep would add the cloud credit but had to call the store to see about the $1 phone promotion. The rep indicated that the $1 phone promotion would be extended to me but not until my March billing cycle ending at the end of March for a phone I purchased on Dec 4. THe rep told me I would eventually get the phone for $1 a month, and just keep sending the full payment for the phone. After all my complaints the rep extended me a $10 credit in good faith.

I then decided to look for my contract paperwork to see the fine print that the salesman misrepresented regarding my $1 phone promotion. I had no paperwork regarding the promotional deal in my paper receipts nor in the documents online from when I signed up on Dec 4. Now I really felt gullible. But it got worse.

Remember even though I signed up for paper statements/bills I didn't get any bills by mail. While I had moved, I did forward my mail and received ALL of my other mail except Verizon. Luckily Verizon sent me a text in Dec and then again a Jan 27 text indicated my bill was due Jan 29. While looking for my contract on Jan 27 after their text message, the Verizon website at the top right in BIG letters stated MY BILL IS OVERDUE and was due on Jan 26, but their text message 2 hours earlier that day said my bill was not due until 2 days later Jan 29.

Needless to say I felt embarrassed and DEFAMED as my friend viewing the website with me saw that I was a deadbeat and don't pay my bills on time. So I called Verizon again. I told them I was embarrassed and shocked by their written website claim that I was overdue on my bill my even though they had sent me a text and email 2 hours earlier that my bill was not due until 2 days later on Jan 29. She said there was no record of the email or text and that Verizon decided unilaterally to change my billing date to Jan 26 and had sent me an email, (not a written letter as I had requested) Then I asked her why I had not gotten any bills or mail regarding my account, and even pointed out that my website showed that I selected written bills, she had no explanation, other than the 2 monthly bills were lost in the mail as a result of my move.

Strange that ALL my other bills were forwarded except VERIZON?????Both lost 1 month apart and the only bills lost???e promotion, no documentation of promotion is on my account, Verizon has no record of sending me paper billing as is even indicated on MYVERIZON website, they pulled a contract of adhesion type deal to get $5 monthly cloud storage form me, unilaterally changed my bill due date, posted a PAST DUE notice on my website embarrassing me after emailing and texting me that my bill isn't due for 2 more days, and then they claimed they didn't have any record of sending the texts or emails today indicating my bill isn't due for 2 more days.

Now they want me to drive 75 miles to Port Orange FL to meet with the manager and Salesman to get the $1 phone promotion worked out. Needless to say my opinion of Verizon is a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Verizon Pros: Phone service and promotional deal on phone.

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