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Its been a few days since dealing with customer service at Verizon and i feel like my experience is literally eating at me! I am so upset i cant/wont stop untill i get the agents name who was so rude!

I signed up for Verizon because i heard great things. Customer service, and that their wireless plans were unbeatable. A lot pricier than the other carriers but worth it.

So i walked in and behold- a samsung 8 bogo promo. At that time, the sales clerk told me that they only had 1 phone left and that it was out of stock. Mind you, they didnt even bother to tell me, "hey we dont have it in stock but you can come back tomorrow or next week or whatever". Its not my fault you dont have it in stock! So what they offered was an s8 plus and ASSURED me that they would consider that as part of the promo. So i walked out of the store with my husband having the s8 and i the plus.

FAST FORWARD to 3 months later-

Because i recieve my bill in my emails i havent really looked at it untill now. What do you expect millennials to do?! Everything is done online! So looking at the bill i saw that i was being charged for BOTH PHONES!! And the promo they promised? They ended up just charging me the s8 rate for the plus instead of the BOGO.

So here's where Verizon failed to keep me as a customer.

I called customer service and the first agent i talked to was superb. She understood where i was coming from and managed to help me understand the process of getting the issue resolved. Unfortunately, the call was dropped and i didn't receive a phone call after that, but a text message saying to call the next available agent and tell them to read my notes.

The next time i called, it was with an AGENT NAMED MATT. Why are you even in customer service??!! Speaking with this agent was so frustrating. No sense of help or empathy for my concerns! All he said were lies and all i felt he wanted to do was to get me off the phone! And the best part Verizon? Was this agent was able to give up on a paying customer and lose you business.

He stated that theres nothing that he can do and that im actually lucky that im getting a discount thats saving me hundreds of dollars????! How does that address my concern??! So i asked to speak to a manager and he puts me on hold. Comes back and he is now a supervisor!!! Asked to speak to someone above him and he states that, that was not possible. And again literates about the hundreds that im saving.

At this point my blood is boiling and asked for his name. He gives me his first so i asked for his last name. The response? "I dont feel comfortable telling you that" Im screaming. I ask for his managers name and i get a CHRIS. So he had someone above him but he couldnt transfer me? At this point i could care less about Verizon. So i told him i wanted to cancel my account right now and i dont care what fees i have to pay just cancel the damn thing.

Verizon his response? He gave me the total of what i would have to pay without skipping a beat. With no sense of customer recovery and with no last attempts to help me at all.

Thankfully i didnt just jump the bullet and wasted more money with your company. I am making a smarter move to switch back to TMOBILE who i stayed with for years. Why i even bothered to switch over to Verizon in the first place i have no idea.

I will never forget my horrendous experience with your company and i will make sure to share that with my friends and family who have your carrier. Thanks to your agents like MATT who is uncomfortable sharing his last name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Verizon Cons: Lies about signing up for services, Told one thing and going doing another, Rude supervisor, Lack of accountability.

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