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So Verizon...moved over to them from T-mobile where I was really happy (and had been for 12 years) 4 years ago due to work using Verizon and not wanting to deal with 2 phones. Been a good customer all this time on a 2 GB plan that suited my needs.

THEN I made the colossal of listening to one of their reps 2 months ago when I ran over my 2GB grandfathered plan...move over to this plan, it's 5 GB and it costs, nothing will change with your will save you $7.00 a month and give you more data...(heavy sigh)..... he forgets to mention I now have to pay for additional line that I don't need, how convenient for his commission; especially with the phone I purchased at same time, his misleading statements really helped his pocketbook. I call back last week to try and resolved issue, ask to speak to supervisor. Rep puts me on hold for 10 mins, then comes back and says supervisor on escalation call, but offered resolution of 6 month credit for the extra line, and will submit a ticket for removal of the extra line with the credit to cover it until that happens.

Get next months bill, no credit and extra line still on there. So the rep tries to tell me that she's sorry the rep made an error, and she can see the rep's notes, but she can't do anything. I speak with supervisor, who proceeds to tell me, yes, the rep made big error, but what she can do for me is give me a plan with less data now to come to the originally agreed on price, and no, it's not my grandfathered plan, I lost that when I believed the original inept lying first rep. So essentially, for my being a loyal customer...I get lies, more lies, a bigger bill which they will magnimoniously allow me to trade in for a lesser plan than sold with phone.

Guess who's keeping the phone free of charge from here on out for all my trouble? Guess who has lots of documentation? Guess who's filing in small claims court to cover the cost of the phone that will go on my credit? Guess who's copying and pasting this on yelp and every other review site I can find?

guess who's no longer a LOYAL VERIZON CUSTOMER??? Yeah, you got that right!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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