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my bill went up by $10 and when i called the rep said that i can have all the same services but need to sign a new contract. So iu signed the contract.

after that i ended up losing most of my services. i called back after 2 weeks and the manager got on the phone and when i explained the situation she proceeded to say in order to have the same services we need to raise your bill by $31 now. i was like ok put me back to where you raised it by $10 and she said they can't do that, but she will credit me $10 to meet me in the middle. basically they now upcharged me by $20 for me being aware of my bill i ended up getting upcharged by $20.

i then ask for the rep to put herself in my shoes and see how this is unfair. she says that is the way it is i am sorry. basically there is no monitoring of business practices by verizon and they take full advantage of their customers and look at them as digits on a spreadsheet.

SAD SAD SAD business ethics. this company should be ashamed of the way they operate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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WOW, you got to speak with a manage, I'm impressed! Did he or she speak English or at least understood what they were saying?


That bright red background and pitchfork lightning bolt or whatever symbol sums it nicely.

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