I let the tech in... the living room one was up and running..

Tech was working in the bedroom and had been there a long time..

Finally he came out mentioned it was still downloading and would be another 15 min....

I went in later that evening and it was still saying another 15 minutes...

Another call to Verizon with FaceTime so they could see. Guy on the phone didnt believe what I was saying couldnt believe it..

Well it was true and he scheduled another appointment for me..

To make this all worse is when they called to get a review on the tech I had given him a raving review....

Supervisor called me to thank me for the review I then explained that the kid left the box in the bedroom unfinished... that I was putting a complaint on the guy... He told me he would have someone at my home in 30 minutes..

they were here.

The first tech put in a broken box and just left it.. neither tech went downstairs tried to really find out what was causing the problems in the first place...

Hey it is another 6+ months and still caller Id still doesnt work...

Services are still coming and going..

But to call a tech well they dont want to do anything either but collect a pay check...

Its a sad situation when they keep raising my bill and Im not getting the services Im paying for..

Cant get help and keep calling to get the services up and running... the work for a couple hours then stop so dont know what to do but keep writing the checks until I stop lol

User's recommendation: Find another service or another plan for tv services....

Location: Bound Brook, New Jersey

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