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I decided I wanted the best cell phone service available, and everyone knows that's Verizon. I wasted two full days with them.

So I spent literally all day online with Verizon signing up for new service and 2 new phones. Qualified & approved with no problems. I have great credit, great steady income, never late on bills/payments, and a homeowner. I finally get done after many many hours of chatting online and by phone and I receive an email saying my order is complete.

I had confirmation numbers and everything. Then I receive an email saying I need to submit a copy of just my drivers license which I did with no problems. I check my order and it says it's processing. Then no new email.

I check my order again but this time it says on hold. So I call to find out why my order says it's on hold. The person tells me my order was cancelled because they couldn't verify my identity. Since when does a drivers license not work for verifying identity which is what they asked for?

I get no where with the person on the phone and she says she will get a supervisor on the phone (yeah right, I used to work customer service for many years and that's code for just a another voice on the phone) I ask the next person on the phone how can I fix this so my order goes through and I said I can run down to a verizon store and physically show my license or any other document to verify my identity and the very rude person says I can't fix it and suggested I buy a prepaid!! He didn't offer to help me at all. He didn't even offer to redo my order or anything!

Just tells me to buy a prepaid! That's the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and I never had this kind of problem with any other cell phone service.

User's recommendation: Don't waste your valuable time with Verizon like I did.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Verizon Pros: Best coverage.

Verizon Cons: No help to resolve a simple issue, Do not care about new customers, Customer service is no help and do not know how to help, Being lied to, Treating a new customer terribly.

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