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I had Verizon home interenet and Phone since 2013, the first five years were golden. Then I had to go out of town for work and was not sure if I was going to sale my house or not.

Well, I did not, the entire time I was away I only had my interenet shut off for two weeks, the workers kept saying they would give me a lower rate to come back, which they DID NOT, The charged me for all kind of additional fees and I got my service back on the end of December and January I was billed twice once on the fourth and again on the 31st. Mind you $150 in January! Well, that wasn't bad enough but I was taking online college, and every time I tried to log on and or submit an assignment, I lost connection, I called various times and spent hours trying to get help. They finally agreed to send a tech out to my home but couldn't do it for two weeks.

OK, so I wait, two weeks come and they cancel the appointment, thier excuse is always were too BUSY! So I called and said you need to get a tech out here they said ok, between 8 am and noon, I waited, and guess what? NO TECH, again, they were, too busy, But the bill came! I kept calling, holding for hours, and the hold message tells you to go online,which is a laugh because If I could go on line I wouldn't be calling you!

I talked to these people and they were rude, pass the buck and never did a thing! One supervisors said, I can't do anything because a ticket was never entered, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I call in and because your workers dont log it into a ticket you can't not help me. Well, here is the best part one day I come home to find on security camera a Verizon rep in suit ripping the cable out of my house and throwing it in my front yard!

I called again, and they gave me another horse and pony act, I told them send me a box, to return your router! I will not pay them another cent for such awful service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Verizon Ripoff
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You never mentioned how you were continuing with your "online college" courses, but don't worry because any degree you get solely from one of those "online college" things will no doubt be considered worthless by a discerning potential employer. As to Verizon, just make sure you don't pay them anything and take any small hit from their reporting you to collections.

"Never pay for something you don't owe" is something you probably don't learn in any college. Just common sense.

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