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The FIOS DVR is terrible. It often screws up and now thinks it's full with only 3 hours recorded. I called their support who basically refused to help me and telling me it could be a phone, internet, or video problem. How *** do they think I am! Oh yea, my phone service told my DVR to think it's full.

Of course it didn't help that after waiting for ever, I got someone in India. He was a very polite person who obviously knew nothing about technology other than what he read off a cue card or computer screen.

Verizon doesn't care or they would have deliver such a poor quality DVR to start with. After having a TIVO unit I was clearly spoiled. The FIOS DVR cannot have gone through any quality control testing. And their support is manned by people that know nothing about the products at all.

I'll be canceling all 3 FIOS services tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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I had the same problem with indicating full when only a couple hours recorded. Fixed the problem by unplugging the DVR and going through a reboot.

Annoying but it worked. Seems like tech support would hav suggested this.

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