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I bought a brand new I phone 8 in November, mainly because I heard all of the great stuff about security, but after buying it and really thinking this is a great phone to it being, the next morning locked up so tight people at Verizon didn’t know even what to do besides factoryReset. So we did that and I had to buy a new Sim card for $30.

So I’m like OK should be fine now right? The lady was nice and said it should be fine except for the fact that I have to go out to their other store where I had bought it and have the manager out there hook it up to their laptop to do basically whatever it is they do me not knowing anything about it exactly what they were doing because I had to run some update on my phone. At least that’s what I thought except for the fact I was supposed to have update 12 W. 12 or something and I never still don’t have it.

And that’s not the only problem so I did this and then she said my phone’s gonna be just like new when she handed it to me she said all I had to do was start a new Apple ID I said OK. So I go on thinking this is all I have to do and what do you know.? Now I can’t make an Apple ID because it says there is too many On my device!!! So now I have a $800 phone that still isn’t working in the first week because I can get back down there for a while.

So by the time I get back down there and after it’s already been handled by three maybe four different employees that I don’t know from Adam, and may possibly be the next biggest problem in my life as far as identity theft, I take it to the closest store the same one I had it reset it and said it didn’t work I get this goofy look like WTF and she says well there’s nothing we can do Foria you have to call Apple and complain to them see if they can help you so I got their number and then got in my phone who knows did Wyatt do it over the phone they were like seriously in my phone digging through it’s an hour to do it remotely I suppose and they say to go back to Verizon right in and tell them that I was sold a Preused phone and I Should go back to Verizon and tell them you want a new phone and it and when I do this to go to another Verizon out of town because somethings not right here. Well since I just get the feeling that maybe they were just being Funny I was kind of hoping so I went back to the store I originally bought the phone and I told him I want to new phone they said to me we can’t give a new phone no I’m like well you saw me the phone Apple told me that you guys are the reason that this is happening and I’m just supposed to except it and this is after a month and a week or so as went on cause of my personal schedule, before I could get back in.!!! And I can guarantee you I will not pay for this phone I really want it I really want to work out but I want to new phone I want to live I want to live knowing that my phone isn’t hacked, cause this was the whole reason to have gotten it! Now I have to wonder everyday because of the fact this person who hooked my phone up to there personal laptop is using my info!!

I did not know any better then to think she was doing anything but helping me! But honestly I don’t know and after going thru this with my last phone I don’t want to worry about all of it anymore. Even pictures and everything else that she could have easily stole off the phone when she hooked it to her laptop. I am tired of trying to explain over the phone after notGetting through multiple times and sitting and waiting to get through all need to be basically hung up on by a robot I need some help to miss my data off I can’t even get on it.

Which I understand is I didn’t pay the bill but I pay the bill if I had what I wanted it was a lot of damn money I just want what it’s worth. Thank you for Taking the time to read this and please help me get to the bottom of this please contact me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 8 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You are a moron, Verizon stores don't sell used phones unless they are corporate stores and there is no way you paid $800 for a used iPhone 8 when I sell them new at my Verizon store for $600. I'm guessing you created an apple ID and forgot the info, which will render your iPhone useless because those phones are the best when it comes to "security".

The only reasons apple would tell you we sold a used phone are either you didn't tell them the whole story or you flat out lied through your teeth. Many of the complaints on this site don't do this company justice, there are many reasons we are the rated #1 every year and don't give me "you guys are the only option in my area" *** If the rep doesn't explain what they are signing you up for the are immediately terminated and you are reimbursed. We run into the most problems when the customers who don't listen and just say "yup sign me up I want it" come back and try to say we swindled them into a contract.... then proceed to go online and write on hate sites like this.

This is the fakest story I've read on this site yet.

P.S. go back and finish grade school, I lost brain cells trying to read this garbage.