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I didn't know where this charge came from of 12.95, in total with fees, it comes to 15.95 a month for a service that I did not order and do not use. Where do they come off doing such a thing, they need to be stopped, and put out of business.

I emailed Verizon and they let me know that the service had nothing to do with them and they are trying to dispute it for me. I have also gone to their somewhat website, that has little to no information, here is the website for their complaint form though in case their are other people out their that have the same problem.


L.A. Hall In Lakeland, Florida

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Website.

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I called ESBI and they cancelled the extra charge on my Verizon bill and credited my account for the previous charges.


Century Link also allowed EBSI to bill me 14.95. I called EBSI and had them cancel the service. They said someone filled out an online form to get this service, Geeze


Go to www.cancelmyvm.com to cancel ESBI voicemail which none of us seem to have authorized, but still need to call them to try to get charges refunded. Good luck.


:upset :upset :upset Why am I being billed by Anvil Computer Service??? How can I stop this charge? Whom do I contact to file a complaint of Trod.



I just got billed fraudulently for 5 months for two things: $14.95 a month for ‘online diet’, which is the same as diet boot camp, and another $14.95 a month for ‘voxbox’. When I called to investigate, I found both services were signed up for with the email address g_aldridge@***.com, an address I have never used before. I think maybe someone in this company is creating fake accounts with fake email addresses to make it look like they’re subscribing people.

Fortunately, both companies agree to refund all the money I’d paid through verizon automatic billing for the services. Hopefully those payments will actually arrive, but you never know with these charlatans.

I also called verizon, and told them to block all signups for 3rd party services. So this can’t happen anymore.

Kind of violates the trust we have when we sign up for automatic bill payment. Shame on verizon for abetting these criminals.


I have received the same similar charges on my bill! One is a VIP celebrity access charge, Vip webmail gold,american evoice,residential email, and ez online diet, I have never even heard of all this ***!

Something really needs to be done about all this fraud, it is really getting out of hand! Ifeelbad for the elderly that probably never even notice they are being RIPPED OFF!


To g who says we shouldn't be blaming the phone companies because this is how they can charge us for collect calls. Well, if I get a collect call and accept it, I have thereby authorized the charge.

ESBI never went to the trouble of obtaining authorization.

There's a HUGE difference! G, your point is lost on me...


i just receivd myVerizon bill and wondered why it ws high that usual, upon checking I discovered the charge of $14.95 plus tax for ESBI. I first called the the phone company & they said that will charge back ESBI, I then called ESBI @ 1-88*-***-**** and they claimed that I ordered it and I told them I DID NOT ORDER IT, they said they would issue a credit but it would take 2-3 billing cycles, it better be done immediately or I will notify the Attorney General Office here in MA


This ESBI was also on our account since March 2010 and they have not given the credit to Verizon for my account. Hope in the future that Verizon not accept those unauthorized charges !!


Ok we are blaming the local telephone companies for the problems of the third party billing,

We have to think about it this way, we want to be able to receive collect calls when we need it. Where are those charges suppose to be charged? Our local telephone bills. What if your local company states ok no third party billing period. Well then no collect calls, for those that have dial up service no aol charges. then we would want to blame the telephone company for the only company that could give us dial up service so it could be billed on the local billing for our convenience. The local telephone companies do not make any money off third party billing in fact they pay those third party companies pryor to collecting the money from the customer.

Before we start blaming the local companies we need to think about what they are doing for us to make our lives easier in order to pay only one bill.

I am saying this only for the third party charges not our bundling charges with that one company.


I have received similar charges on my bill for the past two months. I called ESBI and they gave me a credit for the amount billed.

Verizon really does not have anything to do with these charges. The phone bill even states that non-payment of the charges will not affect your regular phone service. Verizon had no problem with me not paying that portion of the bill. They also blocked any future third-party billing charges to be placed on my account.

Just a note, ESBI was very helpful when I called about the second charge. I asked the representative if he could tell me who authorized the charges to my bill. He gave the name of the person whose name the voicemail service was listed under. It was the person who had the phone number prior to me.

This guy was charging services to his old phone number (which is now mine) and I suppose hoping that I wouldn't notice. He could reap the benefits of having a totally free 1-800-voicemail service at my expense!! This information eased my mind about ESBI adding random charges to my bill.

Now I know that it was some other *** out there causing my problems, not ESBI. Hope this helps!!


I just recieved the same thing on my bill for $14.95 plus tax. I called ESBI and they are reversing the charges. I will call verizon today.


I have the same problem. I've got a phone bill from Verizon with ESBI charge of $14.95.

I never order this service.

I feel my personal information is unsafe now and do not know what to do with this problem. Please give your advices.


This is extremely frustrating. With all the privacy information and security with accounts it blows the mind how anyone can charge your account without authorization.

They are getting rich off unsuspection people...think of those who are elderly or just too busy to review everyline of the bill. STOP


the attorney general needs to investigate this company and put them out of business.


I just thought I guess we could write a letter send it certified that say's block all third party charges to my phones. And that would put a stop to all charges.


AT&T did this to me and now embarq. I am not sending that part of the bill after I call them.

AT&T said the same thing they could not help me I said yes you can it is on your bill I have to pay so you deal with it.

I don't know who this co. is or why they charged me,but AT&T allowed these charges to be on my bill.


I too had this *** service billed on both of my phone lines!!! ERRR!


I checked the Better Business Bureau and they know about it and rate the company an "F" for failing to give them information.

This company just needs to be stopped...period...end of story here!

Verizon should lose it's customers and CLOSE down for allowing this crazy *** to happen to us all!

I bet most customers are getting this charge and don't even check their bills!

We are the customers who care about keeping our bills in the right amount it should be! ERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

HELP US ALL!! I HATE THIS PROBLEM and HAD TO CALL 3 Times to verizon and had a BLOCK put on ALL MY PHONE LINES!

Ask Verizon reps to BLOCK YOUR LINES everyone!! I did and now I don't worry but STILL CHECK my phone bill EVERY MONTH!


We have a QWest account for phone service in AZ. We have been billed $14.95 for the last two months by ESBI on our QWest account. We never requested any service from ESBI, don't even know what their charge is for, so feel no obligation to pay their charge


it happened to me guys as well.

mom noticed the phone bill was up and there it was esbi...12.95 plus tax,something we have never heard of or ordered.i'll let you know how they resolve this one.pissed off...

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