i started a verizon wireless internet service in sept 2008.three months later my laptop and internet card was stolen.

i ask for a respecfully termination in dec, 2008 in person at a verizon outlet store.unfortunelly verizon had decline customer requiste. i persue complaint to bbb, but verizon wireless has said to bbb there decision is correct while billing customer for no service that i could not use.they had suspened my service and countinued to bill me for service. i paid on time. after my second complaint to state attorney general, they reffered me back to bbb of hi.

now i am sueing for the remander of the contract service. now verizon is saying they are charging customer in advance. verizon has never charged me in advance when i sined up in the first three months. until i requist for a termination i saw a ten dollar fee that was added on top of service fee indec,2008which i paid.

verizon wont refund me for service they could not provide for me but said you had service while your contract was validity suspened by verizon wireless.i cant get my money back i have over paid for service that could not be used.


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