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I have now been on the phone for ONE HOUR (yes i am still on hold)..been transferred to FOUR departments and I still haven't spoken to anyone that can help me....and I am not even a customer yet....this is me trying to become a customer!! LOL I don't see myself going with them now since I can't even get them to show my address in their system. What a joke...please train your people better.

People I spoke to who transferred me to the wrong dept:

Sven - Billing and Sales Dept

Elle - Customer and Sales dept (nasty attitude AND got the reason for my call wrong..try listening more)

Brit - Elle's manager...on hold now from her trying to figure out who can help me. If she doesn't get me to the right department, I'm done! And I am officially DONE holding. POS

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1231370

I like that you are self-aware and realize you are a POS. I respect that.

But, I don't respect your ***. Trying to get free stuff before you are a customer?!? Pathetic.

Not that I believe your plead for a handout, but let's say it's true.

Why would they have your address in their system if you aren't a customer?!?

It's cool if you are so bored and/or so desperate for free stuff that you have to make up stories, but please at least attempt to make one up that makes sense.

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