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*** You Verizon, Your Data Plans Are Some *** Now, Your Already High, Im Swtiching Over To Sprint Tomorrow, So Good Bye. I Was About To Upgrade But I Cant Now Because Your Data Plans Change, That Was a DUMB Move.

Everytime I See That Thunderbolt Phone, I Get So Pissed That I Cant Even Get It. Now Im Getting The EVO From Sprint Where I Can Go Unlimited And No Have To Be Worried About This Data Plan ***. So Long To My Service Verizon, Hopefully You Change Back To The Unlimited.

I Am TRULY pissed At Yall. Smh

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Verizon would not let me purchase three new smartphones online on 7/6/11. However,once midnight came around I could buy as many new phones as I wanted at the new rate with capped data plans.

Customer service told me they could not and would not honor the offer in effect when I tried upgrading on 7/6. They also told mr I could not read a calendar or tell time and that paying more would actually BENEFIT me!

Its off to Sprint (who sucked last time I had them in 1997) for unlimited data. So long Verizon from a 12-year customer.

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