My DSL order was supposed to be ready on the 19th of December. I had all my connections right, still wouldn't work . I called the tech support to help them fix the issue. It just took me 5 hrs of calling and waiting before I got to some one on the phone! And they could not establish the connection with my dry loop either. After days of struggles and hours being on the phone, my internet still did not work.

They just make you wait on the phone for hours and I just wonder whats the average call handling time is? 30 mins for a single call? Because the automated voice says, "you have to wait 30 mins for some one to answer your call " Excellent Verizon. You are number one in Customer Service! From Dec 19th to Jan 8th nothing happened. I was still without an Internet connection. Just paying a lot of money for nothing! 111$ is a lot...

Well ordering was not simple either, had to wait long enough on the phone for that too! And VZ.com, isn't helpful at all.

After no Internet connection for about 3 weeks, I finally decided to disconnect the DSL connection that I got, I was on hold for another hour, finally some one shows up, who could not pull my records, finally when she did, she told me she had to transfer me to the Cancellation department that took an other 2 hours! That's just to transfer the call! Finally I did cancel my account after hours of waiting on the phone and talking to your agents!

What do you people really think! We are job less and our only job is to be on the phone waiting endlessly for a Verizon agent to descend from the heaven to pick up the phone!

Now i have to wait endlessly for Verizon to refund my money! I don't know how many more phone calls and hours its going to take for Me to get my money back! And also think of giving all your poor customers some DISCOMFORT ALLOWANCE for wasting their time, energy and money trying to contact Verizon for HELP!

Your service sucks!!!!!

Wake up! Fix your system!

Review about: Verizon Account.

Monetary Loss: $111.

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