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I signed up for the Triple Play in the Summer of last year (2010). When I signed up, I was under the impression that my Triple Play package would be around $100 each month.

EVERY SINGLE MONTH since signing up for the Triple Play I have had to call Verizon because of erroneous charges on my bill. I'm sure you have records of these calls every month. Every single month I spend around 45 minutes speaking to representatives and having them promise me that this month they have fixed it and I should not have that problem again. I have been charged for boxes that I do not have, then prorated for previous months of charges for boxes that I don't have.

For FOUR CONSECUTIVE MONTHS I have asked for the premium channels to be removed, and EVERY SINGLE MONTH they remain on my bill. Two months ago the representative that I spoke to told me to hold while she "makes sure that this is fixed". When she came back to the phone, she said that I definitely would not have the same problem. To no avail, when my next bill came, I was still billed for the premium channels.

Sure, every month when I call they remove the charges, but I do not have 45 minutes to spend on the phone having the charges reversed. I've been charged for packages that I did not order, etc and I am extremely fed up!! If it weren't for the two year contract that I got locked into, I would have cancelled about 6 months ago. Last month when I called, I asked to speak to a Manager.

I am asking for a discount for my 8 plus hours that I have been on the phone with Verizon in order to have my incorrect bill fixed. I am not looking to have the charges that were NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE CHARGED TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, this is not an acceptable resolution for me. Unfortunately, the "Manager" that I spoke to said that she was unable to help me and that I would have to write a letter. Not an email, a LETTER.

This is 2011! A letter, really?!?!

I did mention that I could email my concerns to the Better Business Bureau instead, and she encouraged me to do so. I am assuming by that comment that the Management Staff within Verizon simply does not care about the satisfaction of their customers!

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I hear you. I have only had the bundle for 2 months and it appears I am going down the same road as you.

They don't even let me speak with a manager. When they lock you into a 2 year agreement, its just us that are locked in.

They are locked into any price or package agreements. I never thought I would miss Comcast so much.


BBB is a joke! :x

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