Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

It's 20 degrees outside and 7:30 on a Friday night and a saleman comes to the door and wants to answer my questions regarding Fios. Though we felt bad for the person standing at our door, freezing halft to death, but I do NOT want anyone coming to our door uninvited!!!

This is enough for us to never consider Fios.

We live on a secluded property and is completely unacceptable for someone to drive onto our private property and expect us to go OUTSIDE to talk with him about something I have NEVER expressed an interest in! Wrong and SCARY!

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I live in NE Philly and I was approached by a Verizon FiOS representative at my house he did ask me personal questions and I refuse to answer and he did not like that as he was walking away one of the questions was how much do I pay Comcast and being so didn't answer him he said $300 as he was walking away I do not think this was very professional and the solicitation at my home was rude .


I am a Fios REp. While I understand the excessive force some salespeople use.

Please understand that a salesperson can simply and personalize things at the point of sale.

If you haven't worked for 2 years and this is the only job you would be knocking doors yourself. Count your blessings.


I just had two men come to my door on Christmas Eve to solicit FIOS. This is now the third time someone has come to my home and I am wondering is there someone we can report this too. We are having people over and to say that even the sanctitiy of holidays are no longer sacred what is next cold calls at 5:00 AM on Christmas day!!


I just sent away the THIRD Verizon reps who have come to my door in the past 3 weeks (every Wednesday afteroon, on the dot). Since I knew the drill already, I immediately said "we are not ready to do anything with FIOS; I'll save you the time" as I opened the door.

The guy still insisted on handing me a flyer, and after I accepted it and said that I already have 2 others from the other guy, he then requested to see the other rep's flyers.

Seeing that he was clearly not accepting my point, I said "no, and we're done here." How many times do I need to tell them to get lost before they finally leave us alone? Any consideration we might've had about going w/ FIOS is long gone at this point.

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