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I left Direct TV because I thought $70 was too much for 2 DVR boxes & 2TV's. I was lured in by Verizon's $89.99 bundled services.

Well, I never paid that. I've actually never paid the same amount each month. After signing up with Verizon Fios for 2TV's. & 2DVR boxes, they inform me that each box is $15.99 a month.

What? Then they tell me they will be giving me a set-to box for free for a year & after the year it will be $25.00. A set-top box let's you watch the same program in other rooms. I told them I didn't need to run back & forth from room to room to watch TV.

But since it was free, I kept it & will return it at the end of the year. I didn't know my problems were just beginning. I recorded my favorite programs & later sat down to enjoy them . To my horror, one was completely black screen.

Another was corroded and another one was frozen. Three hours later after unplugging & plugging the TV with Tech Support on the phone, the guy tells me it's the boxes or the router. He didn't know. After that, I was too exhausted to watch TV & never saw my programs.

He also didn't know if they would charge me to send somebody to fix the problem. Their problem! They were going to charge me because their equipment malfunctioned? I'd had Verizon for a month now.

So I told him to send me two new boxes & I'd try that. Well, the two new boxes fixed the problem for a month & then my programs began freezing & not recording, etc. So they sent me another router. This is after hours & hours of being kept on hold, repeating my story, getting denied a Supervisor, etc.

I finally told them that I would cancel & go back to Direct TV. That caught their attention, FINALLY. Yes, I got my router & it fixed the problem but guess what? They put me on another 2 year contract.

Why? Because their equipment didn't work. Not only that but my bill crept up to $174.00 dollars a month. I was furious, to say the least.

I called again & DEMANDED a Supervisor. First person hung up. I called back & yelled at the top of my lungs for a Supervisor AFTER taking down the guy's badge. The Supervisor apologized profusely & lowered my bill monthly.

But could not get me out of an illegal contract extension. So I will keep Verizon for the year & then cancel my credit card & go back to Direct TV or another service. I intend on writing to corporate headquarters to challenge the contract extension. After all, why should I have my contract extended because their equipment malfunctioned?

What kind of company does this? I paid my bill every month & could not record my programs. I can't tell you how many movies I missed. Thank god for Netflix.

My review of Verizon? D-

Review about: Verizon Tv Service.

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Jules, like you I'm pissed off to say the least but since we all now unfortunately have to 'pay' to watch our TVs :sigh, its the lesser of evil to stay with them :roll. As it seems that now customer service and services in general appear to have the same failures when it comes to Verizon customers.

I started out 5 years ago ...with the understanding that I would get lots of 'movies'(channels). :) . As it is now I get about half of what I started with 5 years ago because of additional sports :zzz and spanish tv :eek :? I ask why should I have to pay for all these additional services :upset I was never interested in receiving let alone pay for :roll :roll :roll

I'm now down to about 20 'just' movie channels of which I actually watch and over 1900 channels of *** I wouldn't watch on my worst day.

So $200/month is certainly alot to pay for my TV but no other cable/satelite company is offering anything worthy of a switch, ie: 2/3 year contracts, bundles that aren't moviefan friendly, more sports channels than any human could watch in their lifetime, etc., So whats a person to do??? Dmaned if I know!



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