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Something needs to change. It's incomprehensible that I come across this site after a quick Google of my very recent problem.

Only because I've read the EXACT same issues going back to 2008. Ridiculous. When someone orders a service from either a well-known brand or, in my case, the only *anything* available, yet still well known- it's hard to imagine that it could happen to "you". Six seems to be the magic number.

Maybe someone figured out that it takes about "6" transfers to wear the average consumer down. Wonder if that's where our extraneous fees go? Anyway...I've had Verizon Wireless service since around 2004. No problems until last year, but this isn't about that.

Just an observation that there is no "upward" trend in this conglomerate. This complaint is about the side-show act referred to as "bundling" with Verizon, Direct Tv and ViaSat/WildBlue/Exceed or whatever they call themselves these days. We've had DirectTv for about 3 years. A little annoyed with our inability order movies when we wanted, but nothing compared to this fiasco.

My family moved in Jan 2013. Our new house is embedded within a series of canyons as well as on the coast, so cell service and cable are non-existent. We were actually shocked that the house had previously had Verizon phone. Of course, we've seen the bundles advertised, so called Direct TV before we moved.

I asked about the DTV/Internet/phone bundles. We were given a price of around $75 for all three for the first year. After that, it was supposed to only be around $124.90-"max". Since we were paying about that just with DTV, we jumped on it.

I agreed to be transferred to Verizon first. I was told that my entire bill would be paid to Verizon every month. I get on the phone with Verizon and became concerned when the agent just assumed I either had FiOs or wanted it. I tried to explain that I didn't have cell service at the new house and that chick actually laughed, like I was trying to make a joke.

It only dawned on her that I really didn't qualify for FiOS for Internet until she put my address into the system. She transferred me to someone who could help me "better". No explanation, just that.Finally, "technical" support answered. Poor guy.

So confused that I didn't have an account number or billing phone number. After repeating myself a few times, he realized he got a crappy pass from girl #1. So, he transfers me to someone else (#3). That woman said that NO Verizon anything was offered at my address.

Dude, I'm in California and she was straight Boston. She was sympathetic and said that she only dealt with complaint resolution. After I jokingly asked that if she transferred me to another dead, would it count?? She said "sorry" as she hit the switch.

(#4) answers and says "what's your account number?", no greeting. Nothing. Very "NEXXT". Halfway through the same explanation of what I was calling for, he/she transfers me to a corporate account manager who was, and I don't blame him, way too busy to be bothered with little 'ol me.

He transfers me to the same generic customer service *** I began with 2 hours ago. Finally. I was able to set up phone service. Very basic, just really need 9/11 and kiddo school access.

I had an "appointment" for the next day. A tech would be out between 0800-1300. Cool. He gave me my new phone number- weird, but I was just happy to be done.

He then transferred me to ViaSat. Never heard of them, but he said that's who they bundled with here. That was really fast to set up. I spent less than 20 mins on the phone with her.

But, it was an odd conversation. I had questions regarding the speed offered (I am a full time student/mother/wife- no time for shenanigans) and was told to contact Direct TV! What!? Before I could question why, she anticipated it and told me that WildBlue, or, uhhhh....yeah, Excede goes through Direct TV.

I have heard nothing but complaints about WildBlue, so I was kind of pissed. I asked her if WildBlue was going to be my Internet provider and what was Excede, did I have a choice, etc... She told me that they were "sorta" the same, but both operated by DTV. Grrr.

She gave me a number to call DirectTV's "Internet department" (haha). I call the number to ensure that the bundle was all set up, ask if I had a choice to NOT choose WildBlue and of course, I was transferred to WildBlue. Since I had been on the phone for so long with WildBlue, I began reading about their service. Not too bad, thy just launched a new satellite.

Ok. Obviously I don't have any other options and with the bad rap they had before the launch, things can't possibly be that bad, right? I decide to get off the phone as quickly as possible because I've got way too much else to do before the move...I just ask WildBlue to verify my bundle and I ask about speeds. "It's wayyyy faster than broadband.

You'll be happy, lots of people wish they were able to choose satellite." Ok, I'm not *that* dumb, but I just really needed to finish this conversation and honestly, 12 Mbps is fine for school and a quick Google here and there. Here's where it gets even more awesome. Installation day for Verizon and Wildblue. WildBlue guy shows up 3 hours early.

We just happened to pull up as he was trying to figure out why he had no cell service. Then he had to borrow our tools, ladders (yes-plural) and asked us to please keep our 3 year old in the house- his "military trained" German Shepherd that he brought with him wasn't really that cool with "small moving objects". ***. My husband was, actually, a military K9 handler.

My parents (retired cops) breed Shepherds for law enforcement. Why, if it were true, would you bring such a weapon to a customer's home? Even if it were a dang rabbit in a cage, why would you bring it? Unprofessional and that guy is more dangerous that his dogs potential.

After way too long of a setup, he has us create a WildBlue email account and password. He then prepares to leave. I asked him why we didn't have to sign anything and he said that we would be emailed the account info. I was like "no, where is the contract?

I haven't signed anything at all, how do you get paid if you don't get anyone to sign?" And I was trying to joke about it, I mean seriously? He basically said that he's just a contract installer and that I would have to call them to find out. That would have been an option if verizon had been there when they were supposed to...way before him. But, they never showed.

We eventually drove the 24 miles to cell service to make the call. I'm sorry, but I don't have a few hours to stand on the side of the road on hold. We tried to chat and email, but Internet was so slow, it was worse than early dial up. Unfortunately, it was a Friday.

On Monday, my husband called Verizon from work. He was told that our service had been active since the day I set up the appointment. Almost a week before the move. We were told to just plug in.

We tried that. Verizon said they would do a line test. They said it passed. I'm texting over wifi with my husband telling him no.

He's now having to text me back the verizon tech's instructions verbatim. After an hour of running around from jack to jack, service jack, etc... Nothing. Verizon said they don't know why, but they'll send someone out the next day.

I left the one phone we had plugged in and just assumed the house wiring was at fault. (Less than a few years old though). At about 10:30 pm, the phone rings and I got my first cold-calling, phishing telemarketer. I went to great lengths to block them from my cell when I got rid of LAN 10 years ago.

All day, from sunrise to sunset for days. Every 45 minutes. Random, rude, unintelligible, bottish and everything in between -from birth control pill lawsuits and surveys to "official" charity solicitations. No technician ever tried to come and install, we just magically had service.

No paperwork. No anything. A few days later, I got an obscure letter saying "thanks for choosing verizon" with no identifying info other than our name and address and generic blurbs about how they're X,Y or Z. Because I was pissed at both the lack of contract and confusion as well as wanting to try and block the telemarketers, I tried to go online and activate my newest account with Verizon.

To further my annoyance, I found that I didn't have that option. I needed an account number and pre-arranged PIN. So I call them. Again, 6!!!

Transfers and all I wanted was my account number to log in. First woman said she got a "strange" message when she pulled me up eventually, not by name, SSN, phone number but only address. The message said something about a mandatory migration of accounts and that she was instructed to transfer me to the "e" something dept. ok, whatever.

She said it had to do with having a wireless account and that because we had multiple services we were to only have one single log on. Perfect, I thought. Next guy is completely clueless. He's "technical support" and can't access anything without my account number.

Or "customer ID" number. He transfers me and so one. No account number/customer ID number and no one can clearly tell me the difference. No one knows about any sort of bundle either.

At one point, I was put on a 3-way call between two agents who actually argued over what I was calling about. They were not only taking over each other about their respective positions within the Verizon hierarchy, my purpose for calling, service available at my physical address, the services available, etc...they were getting angry with each other! The person who I was transferred to said that I had "HSI" and that no satellite service provider was contracted in my area. He began to condescend to her about the fact that I did have service here, it was HughesNet.

I was saying no, but they couldn't even hear me. I finally told them about direct tv and wildblue and both said they never heard of them. Transferred out after 2-3 more people in the next few hours, still no acct number, I just blindly trusted that their advertised bundle would be worth it. At that point, none of them had any record of any bundle.

One guy said it takes "a while" for the bills to reflect bundling, so I was patient. Got first statement with our acct number listed. I was able to log in and saw a balance due of over 274$. From verizon.

Direct Tv was already paid, and nothing from wildblue. First months's bills-$639.00. Dtv and verizon. But neither could answer anything.

I refused to pay.

This is since January! Avoid!

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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So, I got cut off before I finished. Crazy first statement that makes no sense.

Two start dates, 5 days apart from Verizon. We call, get cut off at person#3. Try again, and have an explanation given that the two dates coincided with when our service appointment date was and then when we called to actually, like for real, try to find out why no one showed up and why we had no service. That was actually a 3 day span and we were told by verizon that service started when I called.

None of that equals 5 days. So random. Direct TV is still direct debiting our account, not at the discounted rate because "it takes a while" but that when "it" takes effect, everything will be credited. whatever.

And they also claim they can't remove the bank info. Well, I've helped you out, I've just removed the "Bank". Closed that account, opened a new one. It was their idea.

Seems they've had issues before. Shoot, i dont even have a contract really. right? Hmm.

Out of nowhere, shortly after our first statement, we get an email from Direct TV saying that "effective immediately" our bundled services with verizon are terminated. Huh? Haven't even gotten a real bill yet and you all say that we're technically not bundled yet. While on hold, I notice that the email had the WRONG NUMBER on the email.

One digit off. Oops. Then they go on to explain that my bundle doesn't really start, like really... Until their system fixes it all.

In order for the bundle to take effect, both the verizon bill and dtv bill have to have a zero balance. I was told to just go ahead and pay it all, to begin our bundle. Like I'm going to pay upwards of $900 for the potential to "save" $750? Huh?

After a whole lot of headache, my husband was able to reach a person who would listen. We got an apology, a promise to reverse the charges, a promise to put that in writing. That's when we close the bank account. Just in case.

Hint here- dont ever put your electronic check info into their system! Use a credit card or debit. We actually did get a letter stating that our charges were in error. The letter also said that our new bundle would begin immediately or "when accounts have a zero balance".

Not worried here, if anything, they owe me! First 2 months of Dtv and a month of Verizon... Nope. A few days later we got a letter saying that we owed "installation" fees for DTV and Verizon.

No one came to my house ever. We installed our own portable dish that was on our RV and got magic phone. We also owed late fees for both, plus the service since we initially called- bundle not included- and, just a reminder...only NEW customers qualify for current bundle pricing! Oh MY!

The adjusted amount owed is now more than the original debacle. Good thing for me that all of my calls are recorded, legally because I've got an ID theft issue AND that because any credit/financial transactions are frozen due to the above named issue, you qualify to go on my list of suspects. Try to collect on me, I TRIPLE dog dare ya! Stay away people!

If you can't, try and get a prepaid credit card for all of your payments. This is nuts!!!

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