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Can you believe Verizon Fios requires id & password to view their movie listings? Don't they understand that access to their movie listings is a selling point to their serice.

If their listings are good (I cdon't know because I can't get in - after being a FIOS custommer for over 8 years) And then if you try to register, there are multiple layers of authenticastion which end up inn a promise to call your number with a temporary PIN. Which never comes....

And this is not uncommon for Verizaon customer service: TERRIBLY user-ufnriendly. Pick another carrier if you havve the option.

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Uhhh, bro, if you want to view movie listings, try pressing menu on your remote, scrolling to "Video On Demand" and going through the menus to see the movies.

As far as all the *** when signing up for the website and everything, that's an annoying issue I deal with on a daily basis.

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