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Salesman came to my house and gave me a price of $117. for fios triple, yr free movie channels and 3 mths free hbo plus my number was suppose to be unlisted.

Got my first bill for $167. when I called up they told me that when u get movie channel the package price goes up.As soon as they hooked me up 2 hrs later the telemarkers was calling me. I tried to cancel 1.5 wks after installation and they told me I have to wait for the phone order to finish from time warner and then next day called back and they told me they canceled my phone but internet and tv wait for order for time warner to go thru. I got them on a 3 way with time warner and they are singing a different tune telling me that it has all been canceled and shut off now just waiting for the cancelation for internet security is pending which I never activated that.

Customer service rep melissa yelled at me and gave me a hard time and told me they are waiting for the order from time warner to go thru..customer service rep crystal gave me a hard time. Miss Mendenz hung up on me .. Ms Smith told me there was nothing that she can do til the order from time warner went thru. WTF are they all talking about just because I want to cancel?

I should of known that verizon would still be the same since canceling their phone in 2007. Time warner gave me a better price for all 3 AND when I canceled them to go with Verizon .. time warner didn't give me a hard time and their customer service is BETTER. Verizon don't hold up to their agree pricing that THEY offer u.

Verizons customer service reps are snotty and u get no where with them when u have a problem. When I told Crystal what my problem with the pricing was and told her that 5 reps including the salesman told me the pricing and dealings I had .. Crystal told me that they lied. Well I will not deal with a company that lies.

DO NOT deal with verizon ..

gave them the benefit of the doubt that they changed and they didn't .. don't think verizon will ever change.

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I've noticed they posted my final bill which I called up to figure out why and how it comes to $98. when they were also charging me for fees AFTER I had canceled.

Had an arguement with the rep over my promotions when I first signed up and she asked me where on my acct it is,I told her where not thinking anything. I told her I'm fed up with fighting over charges that was not in my promotional package and I told her I was taping the call she hung up on me. A few days later still no bill in the mail I decided to go on the site and print it out so I can figure out myself what the final bill is and lord and behold .. the rep had deleted it from my acct ..not only my final bill she deleted but she also deleted where it stated what my promotional package is.

Good thing I had already printed it out. So it looks liek that I will be either calling them or waiting for them to mail it to me.

But in the mean time I will be writing to the attorney general and the BBB and possibly bringing it to the news in my area .. I'm not paying what they claim I owe and I'm tired of this company getting over on people.

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