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My husband had just been dropped off at the emergency room per his heart. Hospital would not let me in due to Covid 19.

I went to Walmart to cool off and get him flowers, as I approached the back of store, a lady came to me and, said free phone, and your first month free? I said no, and I am in a hurry as my husband is in E.R. These women followed me yacking in my ear, as I finally said, 'I WOULD TALK TO HER' She was explaining Verizon's policy and how it would be cheaper than my current metro plan? I went to Metro and changed phones and number then, back to Walmart in Monroe WA.

she KEPT TALKING FOR 2 HOUSE, I said, I need to go!!! She says, as the Dr called from hospital telling me to go back!!! I told this crook I had to go, once again. She said, I am so sorry, sign here and here!

Who in their right mind would sit and read agreement 6 pages long while4 husband had just received C.P.R from hospital? I ran to the car then the hospital. To make a long story short, my husband was finally released 8 days later and, I told him, lets go to Walmart as they have A great deal, and we were pretty broke at the time due to Covid. I told him to wait in the car.

He insisted on going in as he was supposed to be getting exercise. We go to the counter and the same lady gives her speal and, knew he had just been discharged from hospital. She was still talking after 3 hours and my husband had finally gone to the car to wait. She didn't put him and I on the same plan.

When we got home we finally looked at contract and it was nothing like she said? We had gone and changed both numbers and such, after we got home we read the contract and, I called Verizon to cancel the contract.?? she kept me on phone 70 min. She said, come back when my manager is here as, I should have never been left alone to sell phones as, I had 2 days training at that time?

I cant write any more due to, to many characters but, the story end with, Verizon has put us in collection as we where buying new car and now we cant and Verizon wont budge. I am taking them to court


Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Cell Phone Activation.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Verizon Cons: People working for verizon.

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