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I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for about a year. At the time I switched to Verizon I was between jobs and could not afford the smartphone I really wanted, so I got a basic feature phone. My assumption was that when I wanted to upgrade to a phone requiring a data plan, generating lots more revenue for them, Verizon would do everything they could to make it convenient for me.


Only after I am 20 months into my two-year agreement do I become, in Verizon's words, "eligible to upgrade with an additional loyalty discount." Until then I can upgrade at full price. By "loyalty discount" they mean the price anyone who is not already a loyal Verizon customer could get by signing up for a new two-year agreement. And by "full price" they mean the exorbitant full retail price that nobody but the very rich or very desperate actually pays.

For example today, as an existing Verizon customer I could purchase an iPhone 4S for $650. If I were not already a loyal Verizon customer that same phone would cost me just $200. Yes, because I've already chosen to be their customer I get to pay more than three times as much for a new phone!

I have contacted Verizon several times about this, including three letters to CEO Ivan G. Seidenberg. I have made it clear that I am willing to extend my current agreement for an additional two years beyond the end of my current agreement, that I will sign up for a calling plan that would immediately start earning them an additional $50 a month, and that if they won't bend on their policy they will definitely lose me as a customer when my current agreement ends.

Verizon's response is a consistent and firm "No". Their attitude is, "We already have you locked in to a contract. We don't have to give you good service."

Apparently nobody at Verizon knows the old marketing truism that it is infinitely easier and less expensive to keep a current customer than it is to gain a new one. They in fact seem to be doing the exact opposite ... throwing time, energy, money and special offers at potential new customers while at the same time angering an existing customer - who actually wants to spend more money with them - to the point of losing him.

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yeah i'm sure the CEO of verizon really gives a Sh*t about your upgrade problems. LOL!


Your "logic" also ignores the fact that your current contract is subsidizing the "basic" phone you currently have, so if they let you upgrade early, they're taking a hit on your current phone.


I had the same scenario, but as it was explained to me, Verizon is in contract with Apple that states they can not do upgrades to apple devices except when customers are up for renewal.

The way the representative I spoke with explained it, Apple wants to be able to make sure they can provide the iphone to those with the valid upgrade dates. I was a little upset with this, because I too would like an iPhone, but I understand that they are restricted by the manufacturer.

I have heard from others though, that they sometimes are able to provide customers with upgrades even if we aren't at that 20 month mark.

Did you try asking for another type of device?


Really? Did you even read my post?

If so, what's wrong with my logic? You're a Verizon employee, charged with responding to valid complaints, and covering it up by writing a post that is nearly illiterate, aren't you?

You over-did it. Nobody would every take seriously a post from someone who won't even take the time to occasionally press the Shift key, let alone any of the many punctuation keys.


Okay well i just want to say that if you are too *** to realize that with ANY service you are going to have to wait for upgrade or pay full price than just shutup! try to find any plan that you can switch phones whenever you feel like it and get a discount price..GOOD LUCK! I have had verizon for over 6 years and they have been absolutely great they help me with everything whenever i need it...and if i get bored with a phone and want a new one i go on ebay and find the best deal until my upgrade is available...because guess what...thats life...everything doesnt work the way you think it does in your perfect world!!



Your logic (and Verizon’s apparently) is reasonable … as far as it goes. But here’s how I see it.

If Verizon were to sell me an iPhone, I would be willing to extend my existing service agreement for an additional two years beyond the time it is scheduled to expire, meaning they would have me under contract for 37 more months instead of just 13. The data plan on the iPhone would net them at least $50/month more than I am currently paying them.

By my calculations Verizon is choosing to give up $1,350 in potential income ($50 x 37 months, plus the $100 I’d pay them for the iPhone, minus the $600 you say the iPhone costs them). If they were to sell me the iPhone today for $100, their break-even point would be 10 months. For the following 27 months they would be making “free” money.

Worse yet, Verizon is choosing to give up ALL the income they might have earned from me after the end of my current agreement, since I will definitely switch wireless providers as a result of this wrongheaded and shortsighted policy. Finally, what about all the people I know who might well choose to avoid Verizon after hearing my story, which I will tell whenever the subject of wireless providers comes up?

Verizon’s policy makes sense only in the very short term … this week, this quarter, ten months at the most, but it is just plain bad business in the long term.


do you really think verizon pays apple 200 for an iphone. No they pay close to that 650. so letting customers upgrade at any time wouldnt be that smart.

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