Rougemont, North Carolina

i was away from home for a prolonged period of time due to illness. i returned home and started to do some bill paying but my verizon service was suspended.

i made a payment withinn 1 hour of realizing the service was suspended. i have a bundle package. my direct tv and home service were restored immediately. my fault that my bill wasn't paid so i was ok that i may need to wait 24 or so hours to get my dsl service restored.

when my service was not restored by tuesday evening i called the customer service number that says they can help you up until 9 pm. i too was connected to someone who spoke very poor english but anyway i explained calmly to the gentleman what my problem was and he told me sometimes it take up to 48 hours and that from what he saw it was a financial issues that could not be handled then because they close at 6 pm. the next day still no service. i called befor 6 pm while at work and was told that i needed to be in front of my computer but this can't happen for me until after 6 pm when they are closed.

however they acknowledge that they had my payment and that they would put in an emergency request for my home still no service and i waws promised a call from customer service but no call.before this young lady hung up with me she stated that i had a technical problem not financial.for 2 more days i proceeded to speak with people who told me that the problem was financial then technical then financial but that 3 of these people were putting in emergency orders to have my service restored.what are you people at verizon doing?????.i bet you if i don't pay a bill you make sure that disconnecting my service is a top priority but when i do what is asked of me like paying my bill and restoring my service that's not a priority.the final insult to this comedy is when i stated that i should not have to pay for any of this time that i have not received service i'm told that you have to be transferred to yet another department to wait on the phone again to plead your case this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you tell i'm pissed

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