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The company engages in fraudulent charges even though after you cancel the service. Verizon couldn't get the service working since February.

We spent more time on the phone with their Tech. and Billing Dpt. than we had a working connection. Calling their billing Department doesn't help.

After hours and hours of calls, and after Verizon sent technicians, they couldn't solve the problem. We finally cancelled the service, and Verizon wouldn't reiumburse us charges for over three months of non-working DSL. Once we cancelled, Verizon kept charging our account. This is a very common practice at Verizon.

I'm willing to lead a class action law suit, if you have similar complains, please contact me at

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I had a similar problem. I had a phone and dsl in a New York City apartment.

I canceled it when I moved out. Instead of turning it off, Verizon says they converted it to a "dry line".

That's a DSL service with no phone. They admitted that they could see nobody was using it, but when I contested the charges on my credit card, they started shopping my name around to several obnoxious collection agencies and put a ding on my credit.


ive been getting a phantom data charge,5.98, for over 3 mths even though my phone was destroyed 3mths ago. my bill keeps showing this data charge and also shows no data usage. this is out-n-out fraud!

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