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I spent 45 minutes on the phone and internet trying to cancel an installation order.

By the time I finally found someone who claimed she could pass me on to the "elite" people who could cancel my Fios order, they were closed! It should NOT be this difficult to cancel an order! This is so ridiculous!

As much as I hate Comcast, at least cancelling things go a lot quicker. Verizon really needs to get it together.

I'm not spending the next several days trying to track them down, either, so if someone shows up at my apartment, even after I've tried unsuccessfully to cancel, I will not be there and I will not be paying for something I don't want and tried to cancel over and over!

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I too have tried to cancel..

The first time, they transferred to a dead line.

This time they just hung up.

If I see them on my property, Im taking other action...


I have been on hold for over 30 minutes trying to cancel an installation. This is utterly ridiculous. All these companies seem to use shady tricks to get you to pay.

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