I haven't tried the plus version but I have used the first version for 2 years. I never seem to know when my contract is up.

I think It is a useful mediocre product; It echoes, the voice cops up and people always complain they can't hear me clearly.

Well, at 0.057/day + cost of running a computer 24/7, it is hard to find anything that beats it. Le's not forget this product cannot do what a real phone line can do. It is for us cheap folks.

We should be thankful they gave us an invention like this. Before them I was at the mercy of Verizon for a service I barely use. Bottom line Magic jack is OK for what it offers.

My concerns?

What is the advantage of the new plus version? Just computer free connection? What about the crappy audio quality? Is signal better now?

Do we get non echoing audio now?

What about the gimmicks of advertising a price and robbing you of more money at check out? Are these addressed?

Review about: Verizon Phone Service.

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