Verizon Wireless is a Ruthless Tyrant.... Several years ago, I purchased my first cell phone, and immediatly had overage charges.

I will admit, these overages were my fault, I was not paying attention to how many minutes I had used, I was in the middle of a divorce, and had a lot going on in my life. It would have been nice if Verizon kept there customers informed of just how far they are putting there customers in debt though. Anyways, the first bill was a 700.00 bill, ouch. I called their "customer service" dept.

immediately to try to negotiate this bill. They had a plan that was only around 100.00 that would have covered the minutes I had used if I had been on that plan from the get go, so I asked them if they would just put me on that plan, and let me pay a bill that reflected that plan, after all, it was my first bill, and my first cell phone, they had me on a contract, and I would be paying them for the next 2 years anyways. Well, of course they would put me on a higher billing plan, as for the overages, that was a resounding no, they would not retroactive the bill, and no they would not reduce the bill, not even by a cent. Well, I could not pay this bill, I am not a rich man, so I asked them about a payment plan.

No, they would not accept a payment plan. I had no choice though, I had to pay them off. Immediately, after they did not recieve the whole bill, they shut my phone off. After about three months, even though I was still paying 150.00 a month to pay off the bill that they would not work with me on, they sent the rest of the bill to collections.

I continued to pay it off, and after about 5-6 months, I did pay it all off, in it's entirety. Well, jump ahead 4 years, and here I am, still disputing Verizon on my credit report, still trying to get them to stop punishing me for a bill that I have fully paid, and still extremely pissed that they are able to get away with what I would consider straight out assault on my credit report, and abuse from there very fraudulant billing system. I have wrote letters, by the dozens, made phone calls by the hundreds, and disputed my credit report to the point that they will not let me report any longer. If I had it to do all over again, I would have never had a contract with them, and I would have went to Sprint right from the moment I needed a cell phone.

Want to know what makes it all the worse? I worked for them in their land lines department, if that is how they treat there emplyees, what do you think they care about their customers?

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You guys dont get it, your "Freedom" means i can open a company tommorow, rip you off and get away with it. Wake up people !

There is no such thing as "the free market regulate itself" thats Rush Limbaugh BS and you guys fall for it. Market needs regulation, if not, stuff like that will keep happening all over your precious god blessed America.


lol. you ruined your credit honey no one else dont blame the comapny because you screwd up

Crowley, Texas, United States #120576

Let me get this straight, YOU incurred overages, YOU did not pay them, YOU violated your contract, YOU got your service disconnected, YOU made up your OWN payment plan.... And it's Verizon's fault????


I have a mark on a credit history that has been spotless for 10 years! I changed my address and was not receiving bills from Verizon on my final bill.

Cancelled my service after many years because I just got fed up with their customer service, they really are the worst!

Anyway I am being penalized for their error even though I paid the bill in full which I discovered on my own.

I switched to Sprint!

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